Ian HornikYilianSource

Creative Software Engineer & Game Developer

I'm a young and creative individual, always trying to get a new, innovative project on his hands! Feel free to browse the various software- and game-projects I participated in, or take a look at the artworks I made.

Here's a challenge!

I've hid a penguin on every section page on this site. Some of them are pretty well hidden, and might even need you to interact with the page to spot them. Can you find them all?

What's my background?

Before graduating from the HTL Spengergasse in Vienna, I mostly spent my time with game development, as this was the primary focus of my educational institution.

During the final year and post-graduation I started to transition more and more into full-stack web development, fascinated by the endless possibility of applications, interfaces and creative design choices. This is currently my primary occupation, but is prone to change in the future.

I also developed a bunch of software projects, some alone, some as part of a team.

What can I do?

Front-end web development

This is a passion of mine. Tweaking a user-interface until it's perfect to my liking can be tough, but the results definitely pay off. I enjoy pushing HTML, CSS and JavaScript to their limits, to see how much value you can get out of each of their respective toolkits.

Back-end web development

Once I grew bored of static sites, I decided to get comfortable in a few back-end frameworks, such as ASP.NET (Core), PHP and ExpressJS. It allows for a much more dynamic and data-driven user experience.

Web development tools

To simplify my producation processes I also looked at tools to boost productivity. These include things like PugJS for layouting, Sass for more agile styling and TypeScript for higher script stability.

Game development

As I previously said, game development was the focus of my education. Back then I mostly worked with Unity (C#), but also took peeks at engines like Unreal, Pico-8 or GameMaker.

Media design

At school we commonly used the Adobe Creative Suite for our graphical design needs, allowing me to gain experience in environments like Photoshop and Illustrator.

And more!

There's almost certainly something that I forgot to list. But if it's worth showing, it's definitely here on this site! Best is to just browse through my software, games and artworks to see for yourself!